Design Center

The following is a list of Coronis customers and partners who have the technical know how to integrate Wavenis technology, from Coronis, into products or services that they sell or on behalf of their clients.

Clarke & Severn Electronics
Clarke & Severn Electronics are distributors of quality specialized electronic components that deliver expert product development, design, support and customer service to the Australian and New Zealand electronics industry.

Demtech is a French Design Center that specializes in wireless M2M solutions.


Full Electronic System (FESYS) is a French design center that specializes in developing electronic equipment and industrial communicating platforms.


GES provides value-added field services, engineering design services, refurbishment, and customer training for semiconductor manufacturing/flat panel, and test & assembly equipment.

Mesh Systems
Mesh Systems designs, integrates, implements, and maintains advanced Wavenis-enabled wireless sensor network solutions for commercial, industrial, and public sector customers. Mesh Systems is also able to design Wavenis-based solutions upon specific customer request.

Nitrosoft is a software design house that specializes in providing Windows CE, Windows, .net drivers and web services to monitor data of M2M Wavenis wireless networks.

Pedigree is a leading provider of web-based solutions that give organizations real-time visibility into operations and empower them to locate, track, and control stationary and mobile assets worldwide.

Rhizone creates intelligent solutions that utilize Wavenis communication platforms and other leading edge wireless and software technologies to gather data, giving companies unprecedented insight into their operations.

Smart Gear

Systrata is a Belgian based technology design center that specializes in application stack customization for M2M solutions.