Technology Platforms

Based on standard Wavenis Wireless Technology, Coronis OEM platforms are designed to be integrated into smart-communicating products in industrial, commercial and home environments. The ultra-low-power and long-range capabilities of Wavenis make our platforms ideal for battery-powered wireless sensor networks (WSN) and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, such as utility meters and home automation solutions.
All of our OEM platforms are fully customizable in terms of radio performance and application firmware(1).

(1) For platforms with on-board microcontroller and memory
Wavenis RF front-end transceiver. OEM board with serial connection to your microcontroller with Wavenis stack and your application. Cost-effective for high-volume integration.more

Ready-to-use Wavenis wireless OEM solution for fast time-to-market. 25mW or 500mW Wavenis transceiver, connectivity stack, microcontroller and memory for firmware applications.more

Wavenis PDK
A complete product development kit that enables OEMs and integrators to create products with Wavenis wireless communications features.more

Coronis offers Wavenis licensing for customers with high-volume production requirements. This collaborative program gives customers complete freedom over all aspects of product design.more